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Do You Have Cavity Wall Problems?

If you have had cavity wall insulation fitted in the last 10 years and are now suffering from damp or mould in your home, you could be entitled to claim for the removal of the insulation, the remedial repairs and even a compensation payment.

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Claim £10,000 to £75,000 

Has Cavity Wall Insulation
Damaged Your Home?

If your home has been damaged by poorly fitted insulation then you could be entitled to claim for the cost to remove the insulation, carry out the remedial repairs and a compensation payment.  

CWI Claimline

Signs of Damp & Mould

If you have signs of damp and mould in your home since installing CWI, then you could be a victim of poorly fitted insulation and entitled to make a claim to cover the costs of removing the insulation and repairing your home. 

CWI ClaimLine external wall issues

External Damage

If you external walls were in a poor state of repair before the CWI was installed then you could be entitled to make a claim to cover the cost of removing the insulation and repairing the damage caused. 

Cavity Wall Claims Sea front properties

Coastal Properties

If your home is near the coast and you had CWI installed and are now suffering from damp, you could be entitled to make a substantial claim against the company that installed it or their insurers

If your home has been affected by. . . . 

  • Damp or Mould?
  • Condensation
  • Peeling Wallpaper
  • Cold Spots
  • Smell of damp
  • Cracked external or internal walls 

And you have had Cavity Wall Insulation installed in the last 8 years . . . .

CWI claim line

Then You Could Be Entitled To Make A Claim. . . . .

We Take Care Of Everything For You
No-Win, No-Fee Claims Process

All claims are carried out on a 100% No-Win, No-Fee (CFA) agreement.
There is NO cost to the homeowner at any point of the process.  

Complete and Submit An Enquiry 

Once you have completed the enquiry form, one of our claim advisors will call you to confirm the information and ask you a few more questions regarding your property and the issues you are having.

They will also need to know what paperwork you have related to the installation, if any. 

Click Here for more details on the information we need

A FREE Site Visit Is Booked

An appointment will be made for one of our assessors to make a site visit to do an initial assessment of the property to establish whether you have the potential to make a claim.

Click Here for more details on the site assessment 

Application Is Submitted To The solicitor 

You details are passed to one of our panel of solicitors who will review the case. Once they accept it, you will be sent a conditional fee agreement (CFA) commonly known as a no-win, no-fee agreement. 

Once all of the paperwork is signed and returned then a surveyor is booked to carry out a full survey of the property, assessing the full scope of the damage together with a full schedule of the costs to get your house back in order. 

The solicitor then looks at the evidence and makes a decision on how best to move forward with your case and which parties that they need to pursue.  

Click Here for more details on the legal process. 

Extraction and Clearance 

As soon as the case is settled, we will then organise for a certified extraction company to extract the faulty insulation from your home.

They will also check for and remove any debris to ensure your cavities are clear.

Click Here for more details on the extraction and remedial work.

Repairs and Remedial Work

After the extraction and the property has been dried out, a team of fully qualified tradesmen will carry out all of the necessary repairs and remedial work. 

Click Here for more details on the survey and guarantee

Independent Survey & Guarantee

Once the extraction and repairs are completed an independent survey is carried out, you will then be provided with a full report and an insurance backed guarantee for 25 years to cover any further damp issues in the property.

Click Here for more details on the survey and guarantee

Get Your Home Back

Your property will will then be able to get your life back to normal and put all this behind you.

No, in the unlikely event that you lose the case, it wont cost you a penny. Our Solicitors work on a strictly No-Win No-fee basis as per the conditional fee arrangement .

The legal costs and other disbursements are added to the claim and do not come out of the amount required to carry out the removal of the CWI or the repairs.

The solicitor can only deduct a maximum of 25% from the compensation no matter how much time they have spent fighting the case. 

There will also be no cost to you to remove the insulation and for the remedial work required to put your home back in good order. 

No win, no fee, also known as a conditional fee arrangement, is an agreement you make with a solicitor to enable you to make a claim for compensation without worrying about any upfront legal fees or costs.

You will not have to pay anything upfront and there are no hidden charges.

This means there is zero risk in starting a claim to cover the costs for the removal of the faulty or poorly installed insulation, the subsequent repairs and the remedial work as well as a compensation payment.

If your compensation claim is unsuccessful, then you will not have to pay any money to the solicitor. 

You can Claim for:-
- Removal of the existing cavity wall insulation
- Installation of the correct cavity insulation (If you want it re-installed)
- The cost of repairs and remedial work for internal and external damage
- The cost to repair any structural damage. 
- Kitchen cupboards, bathroom, tiling etc.
- Damaged carpets and flooring
- Legal fees, costs and disbursements
- Independent surveys and reports
- Increased utlility bills
- Compensation payment

How Much Will I get?

This depends on the type and size of the property, the number of rooms that are affected and how bad the damage is. 

The minimum amount will be £10,000 but there are cases being processed where the costs are in excess of £95,000. 

Start by completing the short form above click here 

We will then contact you and ask a few questions related to your property and the insulation that you have had fitted. 

A claims assessor will then visit your home to carry out a basic survey and gather evidence of the damage and confirm that it was the cavity wall insulation that caused it. This is then passed on to the solicitor who will then make a decision to accept the case or not. 

As the solicitor only receives payment if they win, they will only accept cases that they believe has a high chance of success. 

No, whilst there is no cost for one of our property assessors to visit your property and carry out the inspection, you can in fact, speed up the process if you are able to provide a small number of photos of the damage, together with your CIGA guarantee and any other relevant paperwork.

This information is then sent to one of our panel of solicitors who will view the evidence and decide if they are able to take the case. 

Contact us for mor einformation on how you can carry out your own basic home assessment. 

We will ensure that the damages awarded for the claim will cover the cost of all legal costs, disbursements, repairs and remedial work.

Repairs and Remedial Work - At NO COST to you

We can take care of everything and will be with you every step of the way, providing advice, help and support.

Once the claim has been processed we will arrange for a certified extraction company to remove the faulty or wrongly installed insulation.

A team of fully qualified tradesmen will then be brought in to ensure that the property is dried out properly before carrying out all required repairs and remedial work completly FREE of Additional cost.

Independent RICS Survey 

After the insulation has been extracted a full survey will be carried out on the property, by an independent RICS surveyor, who will provide a full written report.  

You Will then Receive a full 25 Year Insurance Guarantee against any further damp or mould in the property. 

Internal Works - Will include 
- Removing damaged plaster from all affected areas and replastering.
- New electrical fittings 
- Replacement of all items including, flooring, skirting, curtains, cupboards, tiles etc (in affected rooms)
- Replacement of kitchen and bathroom units (Where applicable) 
- Redecorating throughout each affected room

External Works - Will include 
- Replacing damaged brickwork
- Repairing and repointing degraded mortar
- Removal and re-application of render or pebble dash etc. (Where applicable)
- Masonry paint (Where applicable)


For the solicitor to be able to take on your case the following criteria must be met. 

- You must have had Cavity installed within the last 8 years.
- The damp problems must have started after the insulation was fitted.
- The knowledge that the cavity wall insulation has caused the damp must be less than 2.5 years ago.
- The insulation must still be in place.
- The case cannot have already been settled by the installer, CIGA or in the process of arbitration.
- You must be Home Owner or Landlord.
- You will require proof of who installed the insulation and when. (CIGA certificate or Installers invoice)
- We will require photo ID (driving license or passport).
- Recent proof of address (last 3 months).
- You cannot be in an IVA or current bankrupt.
- Be between the ages of 18 and 80

This is a difficult question because it depends on a number of things and the legal process which can be very slow, especially in big or complicated cases. 

The case will be dependent on proving that the installation was nocompliant and the damp and other issues have been caused by the installtion of the cavity wall insulation.

The more noncompliant issues there are, the easier it should be to proceed but, there are also a number of factors that will determine the time to complete the case.

It depends on:-
- Who the installer was?
- Whether the installer is still trading or not?
- Whether CIGA or another guarantee organisation is involved?
- Who the liaibilty insurer is?
- How much evidence there is to support the case
- Whether the case goes to Court or not?
- The amount that is being claimed for?

You can expect it to take at least 6  to 12 months and, in some cases much longer. 

No, whilst there is a good chance that you will win, there is no guarantee!

There are a number of factors that will determine the likelihood of a successful outcome. The more examples of non-compliance and other evidence there is the stronger the case will be.

It is worth remembering that the solicitors work on a 'no win, no fee' basis and therefore, if they take on your case, they believe that there is a higher than 50% chance of winning the case, so the odds are in your favour.

Pre and Post Survey Reports Should Have Been Carried Out

There is a certain criteria that needs to be met before a property has cavity wall insulation fitted.

Before the cavities were filled, there should have been a preinstallation survey carried out to ensure that your property was suitable for the insulation and met the necessary criteria.

These checks, that were set out by the product manufacturer, included making sure that your external walls were in a good state of repair, that adequate damp proof was in place and that the cavities were clear of any debris.

After the work was carried out, a second survey should have been done and post installation report completed.

If these reports were not carried or not carried out properly, and it can be shown that the property did not meet the required criteria then this shows noncompliance. The more breaches that can be found in the property, the easier it is to prove the case. 

CWI Claimline

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