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The Process 

The important thing when making a claim is that there is sufficient evidence to support the case agains the installation company, the guarantor or the relevant insurer. 

To be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the cavity wall insulation is the cause of the problems that you are now having in your home. 

There are a number or reasons why the cavity wall insulation can fail.

- The property may be unsuitable for cavity wall insulation. 
- The property may not have been in a good state of repair
    when it was installed. 
- The insulation material was the wrong type.
- The insulation was not installed properly.

It could be a combination of all three. The more information that we have regarding the above then the stronger your case will be. 

The stronger the case is, the less likely it will be to go to court and the faster it will be resolved.   

What information we need

The more information we have regarding your property, the insulation and problems that you have been suffering the faster and easier the process will be.

Once you have completed the online enquiry form which provides us with the basic information, one of our claims advisors will call you to confirm your details, answer your questions and explain the process. 

You will also need to provide answers to a few questions, like:-

- How long have you lived at the property?
- How long after the insulation was installed did you notice issues with damp, cold spots etc?
- When did you connect the CWI with the damp or mould problems?


Free Site Visit and Initial Survey

The next stage is to arrange for one of our claims advisors to make a free site visit to carry out an initial assessment of the property. 

They will take photos of the property and the worst affected areas. They will also take damp meter readings to establish the level of moisture in the walls and to confirm that the damp is as a result of the cavity wall insulation. 

They will also ask you a few questions related to the property and the issues and you will also need to provide copies of the following paperwork:-

- A copy of your CIGA certificate or other guarantee. (Don’t have a copy of your CIGA Certificate?)
- Copies of any other paperwork like the pre-installation report or installer invoice
- Proof of address like a bank statement or utility bill (less than 3 months old)
- Photo ID like a passport or driving license. 


The Application is Submitted to the Solicitor - The Legal Process

The information is passed to one of the expert law firms that we work with who will view the evidence and make a decision on whether they believe there is a strong case to be made and how best to pursue it. 

Once the case is accepted, the Solicitor will prepare the legal pack and no-win, no-fee agreement paperwork (CFA) to be signed by the homeowners. 

On return of the signed documentation, the process will begin

A full site survey is then carried out on the property. 

The surveyor will look into the cavities using a special camera, measure all of the external walls and internal rooms that are affected, taking photos and making notes of all the work that will be required to restore your property back into the state it was in before the cavity wall insulation was installed. 

The results, together with a full costings report are then sent to the solicitor so that they can put your case together and begin the claims process. 

We are often asked how long this will take?

This is a very difficult question and the wheels of the legal system turn very slowly. We can tell you that It will take at least 6 months and, in some cases a lot longer.

There are a number of areas where the installer may have been noncompliant.

The more noncompliant issues that are found, the easy it should be to proceed but, there are also a number of factors that will determine the time to complete the case.  

It depends on:-
- Whether the installer is still trading or not?
- Whether CIGA or another guarantee organisation is involved?
- Who the liaibilty insurer is?
- How much evidence there is to support the case
- Whether the case goes to Court or not?
- The amount that is being claimed for?

You will receive updates as the case progresses keeping you updated and informed.

You can rest assured that it is in the interests of the solicitor to get the best result for you in the shortest possible time. 


Extraction Process and Make Good Exterior Walls

As soon as the case is settled a certified extraction company will be appointed to remove the insulation, using specialist machinery.

They will also clean any debris from the cavities and replace any corroded wall-ties, repair damaged brickwork, or render and repoint mortar joints, ensuring that the exterior walls are in a good state of repair.

Work can then begin on the repairs and remedial work to the inside of your home. 


Remedial Work and Repairs

The first step is to remove all damaged and affected plaster. The walls then need to be dried out before the remedial work is carried out. Once the walls are dry, they will be replastered ready for redcoration.  

Our team of professional tradesmen will then carry out all of the works, as per the costing report, and will do their best to put your house back in order in the fastest possible time, keeping the disruption to you and your family at a minimum. 

Re-Fill the Cavities, if Required

You are not under any obligation to replace the insulation in your home. However, the claim amount will include the cost to re-insulate your property professionally, with the correct insulation and work required to prevent any further issues. If your home is in an area that is open to severe wind driven rain, then an additional waterproof coating can be applied. 

Obviously, people have very strong views on this issue and the choice to reinstate cavity wall insulation is entirely yours. 


Independent Survey & Guarantee

The last and final stage is to make sure you have the peace of mind to know that this will not happen again and that you will be able to remortgage or sell your property without any problems. 

Once all removal, repairs and remedial work has been completed, an independent qualified RICS survey is carried out on your property and, on completion a 25 year insurance backed guarantee is issued. 


We will be with you every step of the way. 

CIGA Guarantee 
If you do not have a copy of your CIGA guarantee you can request a copy directly from their website.

Call them first on 01525 853300 to confirm a guarantee is held for your property
Click Here to get a copy of your CIGA guarantee

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